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We started Lambda because we believed that everyone should have access to world-class instructors and career coaches — not just those who could afford it. That’s why students don’t pay any tuition at Lambda School until they’ve found a job making more than $50,000.


In early 2018, a student told us he would need to drop out of Lambda. He’d been laying irrigation pipe on the weekends, attending class during the week. His boss asked him to come in during the week (when he would be in class), he refused and was let go.

We were heartbroken. This student didn’t come from a wealthy family (nobody in his family had finished high school), and he was $400 away from graduating.

A mere $400 was separating this student from a life-changing opportunity.

We briefly covered his rent, and two months later he had a full-time job making $70,000 a year.

In another instance, Lambda School covered housing and the basics for an engineer who became homeless. He worked with our career services team and was hired making $115,000. In fact, we’ve helped three people go from homeless to making over $100,000 on average, at an average cost of less than $2,000 per person.

Lambda School sees these types of situations every day, where a few dollars is the difference between someone landing a life-changing salary and falling just a bit short.

To that end, we’ve established the Lambda Perpetual Access Fund, which covers internet bills, rent checks, and other small expenses for students who have proven themselves.

Lambda School students are some of the most passionate and dedicated people we’ve ever met.

Every dollar you donate to the Fund will be used to help someone create a new life for themselves. We hope you’ll join us in helping students who need it most.

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-- Austen Allred and Ben Nelson,
Founders, Lambda School